Stay Safe From Scams

This event occurred in mid June 2023. We did something a little different for this event. Rather than discussing specific technology or modifications, we talked about the very scary world of scams; how do they occur, how do they harm those who fall for them, and how do we avoid dangerous scam tactics? We specifically … Read more

Spring Cleaning

In this March 2023 virtual event, Chris and Kim discuss some methods and products they use to spring clean. After their presentation, participants also give their thoughts and suggestions. Resource list coming soon.

Discovering The Envision Glasses

In our June virtual event, which is over 90 minutes in duration, Chris and Kim demonstrate and discuss the Envision Glasses. They go through almost all features and talk about why one may want the glasses as an add-on to the Envision app for ioS or Android. The Envision app, which can stand alone well … Read more

Discovering The Hable One

In this recording of our free virtual event for May 26, 2022, Chris and Kim discuss and demonstrate the Hable One. This is a small, well-designed device with which one can navigate and control their iPhone, iPad, or Android mobile device. They put the device through its paces, (navigate, type, play audio, enter menus), and … Read more

Learning About the LyriQ Scanning and Reading device

In this event recording from May, 2022, Chris and Kim take the LyriQ reader and put it through its paces. This is a portable, intuitive to use, and very fast device which is incredibly convenient for scanning hard copy materials. If you are interested in purchasing a LyriQ, Here is our affiliate link. the above … Read more

Discover The World of Android

In this free virtual event for February 2022, Chris and Kim discuss Android. they talk about whatthey like and dislike about the current state of Android. They even demonstrate DoorDash using an Android device.  

Gifts for the Holidays, or Any Time, Under Fifty Dollars

In this virtual event recording from November 18 2021, we share multiple categories and suggestions for holiday gifts around and under the fifty dollar amount. Participants also shared numerous cool ideas for presents they’ve given and received. Enjoy!

Making Life Easier with a Smart Home, the Entertainment Edition

This is Part Two of our event begun in July, 2021, where we started our discussion about the convenience and enjoyment one may receive from creating a smart home. While that event focused mainly on security, thermostats, and cooking, this one from August, 2021 dives into ways you can find and provide entertainment with smart … Read more