InsideOne Windows 10 Computer MP3 Audio Tutorial

This is the full tutorial for the InsideOne Windows 10 braille computer. The total runtime is just under 4 hours and 30 minutes and is only available in MP3 format. For more information and support visit Insidevision’s website.

InsideOne Windows 10 Braille Computer Quick Start Guide

This audio documentation introduces new users to the InsideOne braille computer. Chris and Kim discuss advantages of the InsideOne, specifications, orientation and layout. Learn about finger placement on the embedded keyboard, methods to type successfully, and the intuitive command structure. We also demonstrate conducting several tasks, including simple document editing, switching from NVDA to JAWS, … Read more

Lots Of Fun With The InsideOne

In our May 2020 free event, we were joined by Igor Feinberg of InsideVision and Barry Scheur of GuideLights and Gadgets to discuss and demonstrate the InsideOne Windows 10 Braille tablet. We describe and demonstrate the features and functions of this innovative all-in-one Windows 10 Braille solution, and answer your questions.