Learning About the LyriQ Scanning and Reading device

In this event recording from May, 2022, Chris and Kim take the LyriQ reader and put it through its paces. This is a portable, intuitive to use, and very fast device which is incredibly convenient for scanning hard copy materials. If you are interested in purchasing a LyriQ, Here is our affiliate link. the above … Read more

The LyriQ Assistive Reader Unboxing and Demo

In this audio, Chris and Kim unbox and demonstrate the LyriQ Assistive Reader. It’s a small, relatively portable device with a camera arm that folds down, and a magnetic keypad for remote navigation (available from certain distributors at an additional cost). This is a stand-alone reading machine that is fast, accurate, and which includes some … Read more

Pint Sized Kitchen

If you wish to maximize the space in your cupboards or on your countertops, desire to learn more about the accessible gadgets and appliances available, or just want to find a cool present for yourself or someone you love, this event recording from November 2020 will help. Lisa and Kim guide you through some options … Read more

Golden Lotus Incense Heater

Use incense safely and easily with this attractive and convenient incense heater. Meet the Golden Lotus in this audio demo!

Roomba 960 Unboxing And First Time Setup

Chris unboxes the [amazon text=iRobot Roomba 690 Robot Vacuum&asin=B01ID8H6NO] and uses VoiceOver to set it up. He also uses it with both the Amazon Echo and Google Home to control the vacuum.