First Generation BrailleNote Touch Audio Tutorial in MP3 format

First Generation BrailleNote Touch Audio Tutorial in MP3 format

A braille notetaker like no other. Experience the enriching features and capabilities of Humanware's BrailleNote Touch

Mystic Access is proud to have collaborated with Humanware to create a comprehensive audio tutorial on their most innovative BrailleNote ever -- the BrailleNote Touch. In this nearly twelve-hour audio tutorial, you will learn all about this cutting-edge notetaker and why you may be interested in owning one for work, school and / or play. Whether you are a student who needs to successfully work together with your teachers and classmates, a professional needing to create well-structured documents which can be easily shared with colleagues, or someone interested in the vast amount of entertainment value the Touch has to offer, there's something here for you.

Amazing Benefits to Enrich Your Work and Play

With the BrailleNote Touch, you will be able to:

  • Type quickly and virtually silently without any force utilizing TouchBraille
  • Share documents, videos and webpages with sighted classmates and colleagues using the touch's built-in visual display
  • Use the KeySoft suite of apps to create documents, browse websites, input mathematical equations, read books (and so much more) with ease
  • Use first letter navigation to quickly and efficiently find text and other items of interest
  • Use the Google Play Store to download any of thousands of accessible Android applications to your Touch to enhance your work, study and play
  • Use a variety of text to speech engines to customize your Touch to sound exactly like you wish it to... or turn off speech altogether
  • Enjoy a pleasant reading experience thanks to the Touch's integrated 18 or 32 cell braille display and four customizable thumb keys for panning and navigation
  • Experience the touch as you would any other tablet with familiar swipes, double taps and other gestures by easily enabling Explore by Touch mode
  • Give an IT professional access to your Touch through disabling KeySoft, which turns the Touch into a familiar Android tablet accessible to sighted users
  • Use Bluetooth 4.0 to connect your Touch to speakers, keyboards or Bluetooth headphones
  • Use the Touch's HDMI port to connect to a big screen television, monitor or projector
  • Use the built-in Touch's USB port to plug in a wired or wireless keyboard or USB flash drive
  • Expand your storage further with the built-in full-sized SD card slot, which accepts any card in FAT32 format
  • Experience the convenience of having a user-replaceable battery in your Touch

Experience an Audio Tutorial that is Easy to Navigate, Highly Structured and Professionally Produced

The Mystic Access BrailleNote Touch audio tutorial is divided into parts, sections, and topics within the sections to ensure easy navigation and that your learning experience is as intuitive as possible. You will be guided through the tutorial by a totally blind, female Touch user in a warm, friendly and highly-structured manner. Professionally recorded, edited and produced in-house by Mystic Access, you will find the tutorial to be a pleasant listening experience. Available in both DAISY and MP3 formats, you may choose how and where you listen to the audio

Encouragement and Empowerment Tips to Help You on Your Learning Journey

Mystic Access realizes that sometimes the act of learning your asistive technology is simply not enough. We know that you may also be in need of discovering self-empowerment for your journey. That's why we include our inspiring "Encouragement Corner" and "Now It's Your Turn" sections. These allow you to build self-confidence and self-motivation, and become more proactive in the use of your assistive technology. We want you to enjoy your learning adventure, and these portions of the tutorial will hopefully make doing so easier and more fun.

BrailleNote Touch Audio Tutorial Table of Contents

Part One: Getting to Know the BrailleNote Touch

  • Welcome and Summary of Covered Topics
  • Benefits and Features of the Touch
  • Exporting KWT and KWB Files from Previous Generation BrailleNotes
  • Physical Orientation
  • Care and Feeding of the Touch
  • The Two Navigation Methods -- Explore by Touch and TouchBraille
  • Initial Setup
  • Powering the Touch On and Off and Configuring Your Lock Screen
  • Typing Tips and Using External Keyboards
  • The Visual Display and How to Use It
  • Modifying Sounds, Speech and Volumes
  • Main Menu Overview and Navigation Tips
  • Getting Help
  • KeySoft, Android and Other Settings
  • Troubleshooting Tips
  • Part One Encouragement Corner
  • Part One Now It's Your Turn

Part Two: Exploring the KeySoft Applications

  • KeyWord
  • KeyMath
  • KeyMail
  • KeyList
  • KeyPlan
  • KeyWeb
  • VictorReader
  • KeyCalc
  • KeyFiles
  • Key BRF
  • KNFB Reader
  • Braille Terminal
  • Key Updater
  • Part Two Encouragement Corner
  • Part Two Now It's Your Turn

Part Three: Using the Play Store and Downloading Third Party Apps

  • A Note on Part Three and Third Party App accessibility
  • Exploring the Play Store and Searching for / Downloading Third Party Apps
  • Time Management, Getting Social and "Who's that Extra Voice in My Touch?" Exploring the Built-In Clock, Twitter, Google Hangouts and Google Voice Search
  • Your Reading Pleasure -- Exploring BARD and Go Read
  • Let Me Entertain You -- Exploring Podcast Republic, Google Play Music, Youtube and ASR Sound and Voice Recorder
  • Time To Relax -- Exploring Relax Melodies and Naturespace
  • Finding app Info and Uninstalling apps
  • Part Three Encouragement Corner
  • Part Three Now It's Your Turn
  • Conclusion, Copyright and Contact Information

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