Tour of The Mystic Access Website

This is a thorough tour of the Mystic Access website. If you’ve ever been confused or overwhelmed when visiting us, this tour can help make your future visits far more enjoyable.

Maximizing the Screen with NVDA MP3

Does a quite familiar website which you visit regularly suddenly look weird? Here’s a tip that may help. In this quick tip, Lisa shows you how to maximize your screen using NVDA, and explains why you may wish to do so. Please click on the player below to play this MP3 file. [able_player src=”″]

Unzipping Files With 7Zip

In this quick tip, Lisa demonstrates a method she uses to unzip files using 7Zip. She uses BARD books as an example but the tip should apply to any zip file you may have. You may click on the player below to stream the file: [able_player src=]